Catahoula Cur Mix

The Catahoula Cur Mix Dog – The Most Sophisticated Dog You’ll Ever Own!

The Catahoula Cur is a must-know breed for anyone who owns a dog. This agile, bouncy-boned hunting dog is a natural born tracker and...
Catahoula Bulldog

The Best Catahoula Bulldog Breeds for Beginners

The Catahoula Bulldog is one of the most famous and most infamous of all American dog breeds. The Catahoula Bulldog was once known as...
Catahoula Boxer Mix

The Best Catahoula Boxer Mix Dog Breeds for a Fun and Entertaining Home Dog

The Catahoula Boxer is a fun-loving, independent and active dog that loves to run and play. They are smart, strong and athletic. The Catahoula...
Catahoula Border Collie Mix

How to Care For a Catahoula Border Collie Mix

The Catahoula Border Collie is a small, sprightly outdoor-oriented hunting dog. It is a good choice for active environments but not a good choice...
American Leopard Hound

American Leopard Hound – The Dog for a Lifetime

The Leopard Hound is a versatile hunting and tracking dog that can find its prey no matter where they may be. Thehound’s keen sense...