How to Prevent a Dog From Digging

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Updated on January 16, 2023
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Do you know How to Prevent a Dog From Digging? love to dig, but you don’t want them to dig up your flower bed, break through your fence, or turn your backyard into a mudpit. Here are four tips to help you keep your dog from digging:

  1. Teach your dog the “sit” command. When your dog is sitting, he or she is waiting for you to give an instruction. This is a great way to stop dogs from digging when they’re on a walk by simply saying “sit.” If your dog starts digging, give the “sit” command again and then wait for your dog to sit before giving the next instruction.
  2. Use a leash when walking your dog outside. A leash will help you stay in control and prevent your dog from digging in inappropriate areas.
  3. Keep plants trimmed so that they’re not too high off the ground. This will make it harder for your dog to reach them and dig.
  4. Use bark collars to train your dog not to dig in specific areas. Bark collars work by delivering an electric shock when the dog barks, which usually stops the behavior immediately.

Understand the Cause of Digging in Dogs

Digging is a common problem for dogs. It can be caused by many different things, but the most common cause is boredom.

From Puppyhood to Adulthood, What Influences a Dog’s inclination to Dig

Digging can be a problem for both puppies and adult dogs. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the factors that influence digging, including Puppyhood, Genetics, Environment, and Training.

Dogs dig during puppyhood because they’re exploring their surroundings and trying to figure out how things work. This instinct usually disappears by around 6 months old but may return in some cases as a result of environmental factors (like being left alone in a dark room) or if the pup is insecure or has low self-esteem.

Some dogs are more inclined to dig than others and there’s no real way to predict which dog will start digging. However, genetic factors may play a role in whether a dog digs excessively. For example, some diggers are bred to dig – like Boxers – so it may be difficult to change their behavior. Others have a natural inclination to dig – like Beagles – so training and environment can’t always correct the problem.

A lot of digging happens when dogs are bored or when they’re looking for something to do.

How to Prevent a Dog from Digging and Reduce Damage

Digging is one of the most common behaviors in dogs, and it can be a problem if done excessively or without proper supervision. Digging can lead to damage to your home, lawn, and garden. Here are some tips on how to prevent your dog from digging:

  1. Crate training is essential for preventing excessive digging. If your dog is crated while you’re not home, they will have less opportunity to dig up your yard. If your dog isn’t crated, provide plenty of toys and chew toys so they have something to do while you’re away.
  2. Keep a close eye on your dog when you’re not home. If you see them digging in an area that’s not appropriate, try to distract them with a toy or food reward. If that doesn’t work, try calling them over to you and scolding them softly when they get there.
  3. Make sure landscaping is properly maintained. Overgrown vegetation can provide cover for your dog to dig and make it harder for you to see what they’re doing. Clear debris from around plants and trim any tall grasses so your dog has less hiding places.
  4. Reward good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior.
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There are a few things you can do to help prevent your dog from digging. First, be sure to provide enough toys for them to play with. Second, make sure that you have a fence installed around your property and teach your dog how to use the fence safely. Third, keep the area around your house well-lit at night so that they know not to dig there. Finally, if they do start digging, disciplining them in a way that is appropriate for their age and temperament will usually solve the problem.


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