How to Care for a Catahoula German Shepherd Mix

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Updated on January 16, 2023
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The catahoula german shepherd mix is a small, stocky, and highly intelligent little dog. With a passion for hunting and a drive to protect its family, this makes the catahoula german shepherd mix a great family pet. However, the catahoula german shepherd mix is also known to be very independent, which makes it unsuitable as a pet for most households. Read on to learn how to care for a catahoula german shepherd mix.

Provide basic care

A catahoula german shepherd mix requires very basic care. The dog should be groomed regularly, fed a healthy and balanced diet, and given plenty of playtime. If a pet is not accepting of its lot in life, it may be because it is not being treated for basic care. Look for a canine groomer who is experienced in the care and maintenance of cats and dogs.

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Daily exercise

Cats and dogs are very different. While many people think of their companions as lounging around the house, cats actually get along great in a cage or enclosure. To keep your cat happy and healthy, you’ll need to walk it at least one to two hours every day. If your pet doesn’t like to walk, you can try using a dog treadmill or bike. A good rule of thumb is to pick up your pet when you’re able to walk it for two hours or longer.


Catahoula German Shepherd Mix

Bathing a catahoula german shepherd mix is a must, as long as you’re mindful of its size and breed. A large breed, such as a bull or Sheppard, may not be able to hold enough body water in their bodies to comfortably soak in a bath. A multi-purpose pet shampoo, such as All-Claw, should be used on a regular basis to keep a catahoula german shepherd mix happy and healthy.


A catahoula german shepherd mix is a very intelligent pet and will likely have a variety of toys and games to keep it busy and engaged. To keep your pet’s attention, try giving it new and interesting chew toys and a variety of foods to choose from.


The catahoula german shepherd mix is a highly energetic pet. It is important to provide it with a healthy, balanced diet in order for it to stay happy and healthy.


The catahoula german shepherd mix is a great pet for a loving, responsible home. However, it is also very independent, which means it may not be the best pet for some households.

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